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Wiki Rules

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Wiki/Online Rules


1. Always be safe. Never use your full name or give out other personal information (where you live; phone number; physical description; etc.). Tell a teacher or grown-up immediately if you see something that makes you uncomfortable.


2. Always have your parents' or guardian's permission before you chat with anyone online.


3. Always be respectful. Treat others the way you would like to be treated.


4. Always be kind. It is fine to have a different opinion than someone else, but do so nicely. "Your idea is stupid" is not the right way to disagree. Chances are it would make the person you are disagreeing with feel badly. "I disagree because..." is a much better choice of words. Put yourself in the other person's shoes before you respond. 


5. Remember anyone can read what you write online (mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, Mrs. Rossicone, Mrs. Gallagher, our priests). Assume that others will see your work. Be sure that your digital footprint is a positive representation of you. 


6. Edit, edit, edit. Make sure you edit your work before you post it. Remember, people who are reading your work online can't hear your voice or see your face. You may mean something as a joke, but it might not read like it. 


7. Do your best work. Your online work is your digital footprint. It is how many people will form opinions about you. Also keep in mind that your online work will follow you. It is not easily deleted or forgotten.


8. The word I is always capitalized. Text talk and 'i' should not be use. This is one of my pet peeves. 


9. Always log on with your assigned id and password. Never share your password with others.


10. Always log off when you are done working.



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