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8th Grade

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 8th Grade 


Lab Jobs 

Paper Monitor 8H Kristy 
Paper Monitor 8J Justine 
Equipment Monitor 8H Juliana 
Equipment Monitor 8J Kim 
Printer Monitor 8H Dominic; Dylan
Printer Monitor 8J Vin; Anthony





    • Create Excel spreadsheets

    • Learn about the stock market


Do Now




You have been given $20,000 to invest in the stock market. How will you invest your money? Which stocks will you buy? How many shares? Use Yahoo Finance or the Wall Street Journal's Market Watch site to research several stocks. Complete the stock choice worksheet.xlsx to determine which stocks you would like to buy. Keep track of the closing price of your stocks nightly on the Stock Closing Price Worksheet Sheet1.pdf. Complete the portfolio value.xlsx to determine if you have made or lost money.



8th Grade Do Now's (Archive)





School Design Bulletin Board



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